27 March 2017: The Haryana Government is making moves to shift the Kherki Daula toll plaza to the outskirts of Gurgaon. It will result in making the entire Delhi-Manesar route toll-free.

Once completed, commuters would not have to pay toll from Delhi to reach the Manesar industrial area. It could also be a great benefit for people who are using the Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway and Southern Peripheral Road.

The rise in traffic and the resulting increase in commuting time have been under observation for quite some time. Senior officials in the Haryana Government say that the toll plaza will be moved soon. Officials are saying that the new location of the toll will be near Panchgaon crossing in Bilaspur, around 16 km further down NH-8 on the road to Jaipur. The government will have to pay Rs. 2,000 crore to the firm operating the expressway and the toll plaza. Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation, more popularly known as HSIIDC, is already willing to contribute Rs. 600 crore to aid the move to the new location.

HSIIDC has been leading the discussions on relocation with various stakeholders. The state government is likely to buy back the toll plaza from the concessionaire. In addition to HSIIDC, which is likely to bear Rs. 600 crore of the Rs 2,000 crore required, NHAI is likely to contribute Rs. 600 crore and the remaining Rs. 800 crore will be financed by IDFC. The financial corporation was one of the members of the banking consortium that financed the construction of the expressway.

The decision is going to bring great relief to lakhs of commuters and future residents of the area, as the increasing traffic was proving to be a challenge for people who want to move to the region. Moving the toll would reduce the jam around the choke points on the road and considerably reduce the travel time.

Future residents around the Dwarka Expressway area have been quite active on social media about the subject. They are not hesitating to voice their opinion on the need to move the toll plaza away from its current location. The ball is now in the Government’s court to expedite the matter and for senior officials to make an official announcement.