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School On Lease In Gurgaon | 9650625000

School on lease in Gurgaon is one of the most intimidating options for investment these days. The rented schools are available on lease for 15- 20 years with lock in period. School on lease is mostly demanded by the giant investors who look for secure and high returning property for investment. There are different options for school in Gurgaon available, at different sites like Sohna road, golf course, extension road etc with reasonable rent and lock in period. There are numerous play schools in Gurgaon which are built over the land of 5 acres to 10 acres as per the perquisites and amenities asked. These schools contain 3 to 4 storey building with various classrooms and facilities of playground, cafeteria, PT rooms and assembly hall.

Infrastructure School on Lease

1) Total Area :- 10 Acres site.

2) Schools buildings, Two hostels, staff quarters constructed.

3) Swimming pool under construction.

4) Huge play ground/open area ( can cricket ground, soccer, lawn tennis, Skating ring, squash, badminton, volley ball, etc ).

5) Beautiful landscaping already done.


school on lease



  • Class rooms, staff room, assembly hall etc.
  • Cenrally airconditioned
  • Beautifully designed.



  • Dormatries, shared rooms, and cubicles.
  • Common rooms with indoor Plasma, T.T, carroms, chess etc
  • Bed, chairs, tables and storage for each student.
  • Open to sky facet for proper natural lights and ventilation.
  • Dining room and mess.
  • Centrally air condioned.
  • Beautifully designed.


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