The National Highways Authority of Republic of India (NHAI) has aforesaid that it’ll not acquire any land for carving out further lanes for the advantage of commuters at the Kherki Daula tract, because the method of shifting the toll purpose to Sehrawan close to Panchgaon is already beneath method.

In a meeting between officials of the NHAI and the state industries department held more than a week ago, Sudhir Rajpal, principal secretary, industry, had proposed that the road authority acquire land from private owners to make four additional lanes at Kherki Daula in compliance with a directive from the Delhi High Court. Rajpal had mooted a similar proposal to the NHAI in June as well. It was said that the four additional lanes would provide Manesar commuters a smooth passage to Gurgaon.

However, with the move to shift the toll already in process, the NHAI said there is no need to acquire any land at Kherki Daula.

“I had proposed four additional lanes in a bid to ease the movement of traffic at the Kherki toll. However, the NHAI has to take a call on it,” Rajpal said.

“Since the process of shifting the Kherki toll plaza is already under way, the NHAI has deferred the acquisition of land from individual owners. Rather, we wish that the Haryana government would officially hand over the land at Sehrawan at the earliest for the NHAI to set up the new toll plaza,” Ashok Sharma, project director, NHAI, Gurgaon, said.

Three years past, the NHAI had initiated the method to accumulate land at Kherki Daula before the landowners enraptured a petition within the Old Delhi supreme court. However, the court suggested each parties to travel for AN settlement and resolve the problem by method of a lease agreement.

In May, the NHAI opened 3 lanes at Kherki to facilitate the movement of traffic from Manesar to Gurgaon.

However, industry owners at Manesar call it a piecemeal move and urged a permanent solution to perennial traffic problem at the toll. We want a permanent solution to the perennial traffic problem,” Manmohan Gaind, president, Manesar Industry Welfare Association (MIWA), said. According to officials, around 1.1 lakh vehicles cross the Kherki toll everyday, fetching an average revenue of around of 40 lakh per day to the toll’s keeperss.