Under the ambitious project, the real estate major in a period of one year aims at planting more than 14,000 tress in and around its project sites. Of the total proposed, 8,000 saplings have already been planted over the last eight months.

The Group is known for playing an active role towards contributing to sustainable development of society as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The trees that have been planted include native species like Acacia auriculiformis, Alstoniascholoris, Azadirachtaindica, Cassia fistula, Ficusinfectoria, Plumeriaalba, etc. and fruit trees like Mango, Jamun, Bel Pathar, etc.

These are in addition to the ornamental trees like Date Palm, Washingtonia Palm and Royal Palm. What makes this drive sustainable and enduring is the choice of saplings planted. The list has species that are not only resilient but consume less water as well. Translated into figures, what it means is environmental positives.

Close to 10,000 trees planted over 35 acres sequester nearly 87 MT of CO2 annually. Ten thousand mature trees provide enough oxygen for 20,000 inhabitants of a city. The plantation drive has been carried out by M3M at sectors 111/113, sector 107 and sectors 65/66 road.

At the first location, indigenous species like Alstonia, Gulmohar, Kachnar, Neem have been planted in association with the Haryana Government. The Group has also planted Ashoka trees along the perimeters of its project in sector 107, M3M Woodshire.

On the sector 65/66 road, M3M has undertaken the task of beautification of Central verge and Green Belts. The Group has a huge presence in this blue chip destination of the city and the onus undertaken by the Developer for the beautification of this particular area is extraordinary.