So What I feel About This is Definitely this Deal will be a Game changer and Big Leap for For Real Estate market of New Gurgaon.

The reasons are:

Direct Impact:

It will Directly create a requirement of Around 15–20 K Employees who will be Working at this campus.

Indirect impacts

Since American Express is A gaint so it will , Many Associated/Ancillary companies or Product Suppliers will Set up its infa / office in new Gurgaon , For better co- ordination. It is like what maruti did to Gurgaon 30 Years back.

American express is a Giant in corporate world. It can be a trend setter which will encourage more companies to Set up their offices, Some companies who were bit apprehensive to shift in new Gurgaon inspite of having better infra, Cheaper Rentals and Cheaper housings for their man power will have to rethink . Now Corporate houses will have more positive aspect of seeing New Gurgaon.

It will Give a major boost to builders like DLF & other major & minor developers to develop this area as self dependent or self sustained, For Your information Dlf holds a very major Land bank in New Gurgaon. Dlf will make this place a more uniformed , Identical unlike Dwarka expressway and Golf course extn road. What DLF did it did to Gurgaon by making Cyber city & Dlf phase 1 to Dlf phase 5.

Now our Gurgaon ( Developed part) is fully reliant on its own resourses. Even Giving jobs & Services to people from delhi, Because Gurgaon is not only a sattelite city of delhi but a Fully Grown-up place. This can be understood by a simple Example. 30 Years back when people wanted to Purchase Real estate in Gurgaon, they might have seen the place from proximity to cannaught place. But now does anybody mind it , It’s no. Because Gurgaon is closer to Delhi is just a added advantage but It has its own work place, own schools, own housings own hotels , Pubs , Bars , Malls for social development. Now Even somebody asks us which place We belong to We just say Gurgaon that’s We don’t say we leave in Delhi or Closer to Delhi, Gurgaon has its own identity now. Instead of being a Sattelite city it bacome its own. So as per now New Gurgaon is a Sattelite city to existing developed part of Gurgaon and will develop its own identity in Future and self reliant. So in broader terms it will having a satelite city of Existing Gurgaon is just one part , But it will have its own identity in Future . Make a complete ecosystem and a Independent city .is likely to set up a Cyber City 2 Kind of Area in Sector 74A& 74B which is a commercial area . Hence Dlf will develop more & more commercial units their. Even Existing commercials will start finding tenants in new Gurgaon who are having a tough time till date.

Since arrival of bigger companies will Indirectly Create a Pressure on Govt to develop the Infrastructure of that area , Some of these are like making a clover Leaf to connect SPR to New Gurgaon And Removal of kherki dhula Tall Plaza. completing Dwarka expressway to Inhance connectivity to International Airport & New Delhi, Completing All sector roads and pending infrastructure.

It will give major boost to IMT Manesar which was becomming very attractive to IT & Software companies .( Why it’s imp will explain in latter points.

Govt will now Try to improve Public transport, this can include Public buses, announcing metro routes etc.

Though some people will buy or rent in new Gurgaon in order to be closer to Their working Places , Will increase the population and hence will create more & more demands of other aminitines. It will also boost & change the Mindset of People who still instead of being in Their budget were not Buying their future homes in New Gurgaon. Because they will have more clear View About how How This place will be in Future.

Now People will Start investing in commercial Properties in New Gurgaon . Seing A clear Future, Even Social AMINITIES like School , Hospitals will also Start pouring in Seeing the Future demand and Tapping First mover Advantage.

It will Also boost the Demand for luxury Properties which was having Tough time in New gurgaon.

Even If Direct empact of American Express will be less than 5% . Indirect impact will be 100% . So now People who had purchased a Flat in New Gurgaon earlier and we’re mocked my their friends and knowns about their decision , Will not can Keep their collor up and Dance with joy. So 3 Cheers to All of them, because U were the Pioneer for growth Story of New Gurgaon.

New Gurgaon has always been a Under dog . Ever since it’s Existence , It was always looked down. Now one can argue that even if cyber city is Far from us, We will Make our own Cyber city 2& cybercity 3 . And belive me out of all new developing localities like Golf course extension Road, SPR or Dwarka expressway New Gurgaon Has the best infasturture. Dwarka expressway is also very well connected to New Gurgaon directly and Via Multi utility corridor , Hence connectivity to West Delhi & International airport will never be a issue. New Gurgaon from Sector 77–95 looks single and Consolidated Area, Their is very less villages Which makes it a well defined area. It’s well planned too. And has all Potential to Become next Center of Gurgaon.

Now Luxury properties which was having a tough time thier will also be Sold. Dlf Is all Set to start the Trend of Launching it’s existing units in DLF Ultima which is close to completion in A rate closer to 10K/ Sqft.

New Gurgaon is like a Srilankan Team of 1996 world cup, No body new About Srilankan team much before that world cup. They came prepared , played hard and Won. Same will happen with new Gurgaon.

Now You will have a doubt that even thought this place was closer to IMT MANESAR which is one of the biggest industion township of India, instead of this Why it didn’t pick earler. Their were Gaint Factories sitting their. So I will tell You that in manufacturing sectors most of the people are blue colloured people with limitted, as it’s machine driven and hence A industialist spends more on machines than on man power . But same is not applicable to IT & Software companies . In IT companies it’s a skilled man power driven business , sallaries of individual are higher , Much much Higher .

So comming of IT & software companies and big corporate houses will have Far more impact in real estate of New Gurgaon. Perople with high purchasing power will demand better & better properties .

Now I must Sugest You some Properties You can Buy or invest in New Gurgaon

DLF New Town Heights, (ready)

Dlf Sky Court, (ready)

Dlf Regal Garden, (ready)

Mapsko Royal Ville , (ready)

Mapsko Casabella , (ready)

Mapsko Paradise, (ready)

Bestech Sanskruti, (ready)

Godrej Oasis,  (ready)

EMAAR Palm Garden, (ready)

Microtech GreenBug. (ready)

DLF PRIMUS, (ready)




Bestech Altura,(UC)


DLF Ultima (Near possession )

EMAAR Palm Premier.(under cons)