As per the reports from the senior officials, NPR cannot be connected with the NH-8 from Kheri Daula road.  The reason behind it is that it can create troubles for the toll operators. This proposal is been given for connecting the Northern Peripheral road (NPR) and the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) with the National Highway-8 (NH-8). The Kheri Daula area is between these 2 roads and here toll is booth is there.

Haryana Urban Development Authority will call for a meeting with chairman of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) Mr. Y.S Mallik.

From the administration department of HUDA Mr. Yashpal Yadav has made a statement that , the major vision of this department at present is the development of NPR, for all this development he is planning to have a meeting with NHAI chairman next week so that the construction of an cloverleaf flyover can be done over NH-8.

The NPR project was handed over to NHAI in October, 2016. While talking about the Northern Peripheral Road is a wide road of 27 Km and 18 km part of it lies in the Gurgaon region.  Huda has accomplished nearly 15 km of work but rest of the 3 km is left because of some land disputes.

According to reports Yadav said ““My purpose of meeting the NHAI chairman is to apprise him of the traffic problem and related issues that can be resolved by making NPR operational at the earliest and by constructing the cloverleaf flyover,”

“We held a meeting with NHAI’s local officials two days ago. After that meeting, we decided to hold another round of meetings at the level of the NHAI chairman with regards to connecting NPR with NH8 and construction of the cloverleaf,” he added.

On April 15th 2017, Haryana Chief minister Manohar Lall Khatri made a visit to Gurgaon and inspected the area, he proposed for the development of NPR and SPR as soon as possible and link them with Highway authorities.

As an incident 3 years back huda tried to connect to NPR but failed as there was troubles in the toll operator. This process can begin further only after the approval of supreme NHAI official and Union road transport ministry.