1 September, Gurugram: In order to ensure commuters not having RFID tags do not enter these two lanes, NHAI and officials of the Millennium City Expressway Private Limited (MCEPL) have decided to take all necessary steps and fine the violators after a 15-day trial run.

“There may be a provision to fine commuters coming into the RFID lanes while not tags and inflicting a delay in payments. we would like to teach commuters for fifteen days victimization all attainable measures like displaying warnings, marking lanes and deploying workforce. A penalty would be the expedient,” same Ashok Sharma, project director, NHAI.

“FastTag is that the tag fastened on the windshield of a vehicle that may be scan mechanically and also the toll fee debited from the FasTag account of the vehicle. With this tag, a vehicle will cross any tract on national highways throughout India. From today, on all toll plazas of NHAI, one lane in every direction has been reserved for FasTag users,” same Sharma.

Lane 3, in Jaipur-Delhi direction, and Lane seventeen in Delhi-Jaipur direction are reserved for FasTag users. Necessary signboards and road marking have additionally been done.

“The vehicles having FasTag can cross the toll no end. The users of this tag won’t have to be compelled to suffer hold up. Lane marking has been done as per pointers on Lane three and Lane seventeen. Signboards have additionally been put in five hundred metres before the toll on each side,” same S Raghuraman, chief military officer (CEO), MCEPL.

“We have additionally set to permit ambulances to use these lanes, following directions from the district administration during this regard,” the CEO same.