We all have doubts when it comes to purchasing apartments whether we should go for a builder floor one or a multi-storey one. Winworld realty is here to solve your issues related to apartments. Let us have a detailed look on what really a builder or multi-storey apartment is? 

Builder Floor apartments

Also known as independent floors, builder floors are independent units built on a plot. Floors as the name suggests independent unit on a particular floor ,Independent Floors are mainly built on plot sizes ranging from 180sqyd to 1000 sqyd in residential Townships . In Gurgaon Builder floor cant be sold or registered below the plot size of 180 Sqyds.

Some of the Famous Townships which are popular for Builder floors in Gurgaon are Dlf phase 1 to DLF Phase 5, Southcity 1 & Southcity 2, Nirvana Country, Sushant Lok 1,2&3. Uppal Southend, Vipul World, Mayfield Gardens, Rosewood city, Ansal Essentia, Emerald hills, Greenwood City, Malibu Towne, Suncity, Palam Vihar, Thier are townships which has been developed by Govt Authorty HUDA like sector 27,28, 45,46, 56,57 & Many more.

Recently GMDA ( Gurgaon metropolitan development authority has approved upto 4 Floors plus Stilt area with Maximum height of 15.5 mtr . Stilt area is area in the Ground floor, Dedicated for Parkings. As per recent annocement Actual FAR (Floor area ratio) has been increased to 264% from 199%. However Builder needs to purchase this FAR with fees of around Rs300-400/sqft. This is given boost to the Builder who can now construct more and Make a more spacious flat and fetch a better revenue on same plot.


In Builder floors, the builders can actually cover 60-65% ground area In Gurgaon. Before construction, builder has to get the Floor plan of the Entire Building along with individual floor plan of each floor approved from local authority. Builders floors now a days cames with lift or lifts , dedicated car parkings in stilt area, Gated , Guardrooms for 24×7 Hours security. Beautiful & Elegant outer Facade, Modular kitchen, Premium Flooring’s, Branded C.P Fittings, Terraces gardens, modular wardrobes even Geysers, fans, A/Cs etc. Some builder also provide Video call doors, CCTV Cameras, Gensets etc. Some Builder now a days also focus on Vaastu Perfect layouts. Some reputed Builders who Run multiples Sites in order to keep their customers happy and satisfied also gives after sales services for a certain period of time as agreed to take care and Fix any kind of seepage, fault on pipes, Drainage’s, electrical equipment’s or any kind of major and minor issues in building facade, common areas, structure etc. Some of them also take care of the maintenance of all common facilities like Lifts, Common area lights, Security Guards and charge a common area maintenance for that upkeep . They do the maintenance until all four flat owners are ready to take the responsibility themselves. All of the 4 owners of the builder floor building are proportionate owners of their plot beneath . Terrace rights are either given to the fourth floor or Divided equally. Some Builder do make Duplex Builder floors too.

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Multi-Storey Apartment 

Apartment is an kind of residential unit/Flat in a multi-storey building. within a gated complex having one or multiple towers. This gated complex is referred as Group Housings , These group housings are self contained and has common facilities inside the complex . In Gurgaon Group housings are also referred as apartments , in our day to day conversation. Gurgaon being more affluent, and fast city is popular for apartment culture, The amenities and facilities provided inside the apartments/group housing complex attract more and more Youngsters, working Professionals, retired, even common business man to live their. Now a days a group housing enjoys facilities like Club, swimming pools, Jogging track, Gardens, indoor and outdoor games, pleasing plantations, power backup, 3-5 Tier security, restaurants, crech/ Day care, multipurpose/ Banquet Hall, Pool Cafes, Sitting areas , Daily need shops etc. Height also attract many people. Some of the Apartments/ New Projects are also focussing on Zero pollution inside the complex By mean of indoor and outdoors Airpurifiers, Veritical gardening , Plantation of Tress which are more pollution observant, 100% Reuse of water , Installing STP & Doing Rain water harvestings, Providing Solar panel to Minimize electrical consumptions. Few Apartments has started provided a Co-working spaces for residents inside the apartment. Developers now a days make very pleasant architecture. Hire international Designers for the same.


Difference between both A Group hosung and Builder floors

  • Space: Builder floors are more spacious than the multi-storey apartments but the open spaces available in multi-storeyed apartments are more than the builder floors. 
  • Amenities: Builder floors do not offer you with common facilities like the swimming pool, gymnasium etc inside the compex but multi-storeyed apartments do offer you such facilities. Though their are some gated Builder floors which are trying to provide as much facilities a apartment do.
  • Independence and Privacy: When it comes to independence, the builder floors offer you with more privacy as there is only one owner on one floor whereas in multi-storeyed apartments, there can be upto 4 flats on one floor. 
  • Price: A builder floor less expensive than a multi-storyed apartment.
  • Maintenance charges: Maintenance charges in builder floors are less as compared to Apartments, Apartment has more facilities and hence maintenance charges are More for upkeep, even if U are not using some of the facilities You have to pay a Fix maintenance changers
  • Community living: In builder floor apartments, you have more independence but it becomes difficult to interact with the nearby people whereas in multi-storey apartments, you easily interact with people as the garden is within the society, the gymnasium is within the society, etc. Apartments do organize all festivals and other celebration time to time.
  • Security: Apartments are more secure as they Provide you multilevel security Like on main gates, then on tower lobbies, Night patrolling etc, woman and kids are free to roam inside even in the nights.
  • Apartment do have a team for plumbers, electricians etc for for repair and maintenance.
  • GUIDELINES: Their are certain Guidelines and rules which are to be followed by each residents of the apartments. Builder floors residents have not much to follow.

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