Oct 03, 2017: The fate of proposed underground U-turn on National Highway near Ambience Mall is still indefinite as a major stakeholder in the project — Ambience Group — has sought changes to the design before giving its consent to share the construction cost. The proposal was discussed and agreed upon last fortnight. However, another crucial meeting in this regard is slated for Wednesday, in which the executives of Ambience Group, DLF and officials of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will discuss the design and finalise it.

Raj Singh Gehlot, chairman of Ambience Group, said, “We have suggested the NHAI makes a minor change to the underpass design. We have an objection, basically, to the design of the ramp of the underpass on the side of the Ambience Mall. As the ramp is emerging into the service road, it will cause a bottleneck in front of the mall. That is why we have suggested NHAI to shift the ramp 150 metres behind, towards Rajokri flyover so that vehicles emerging from the underpass can use both the main carriageway and the service road.”

“For instance, for many commuters wanting to go to Manesar from Udyog Vihar, the main carriageway would be better than the service lane. But this is only possible if the ramp is shifted from its current place. We hope this will not be a difficult task for NHAI,” said Gehlot. As per the present design, the ramp of the underground U-turn starts exactly from the point where the Shankar Chowk flyover, towards Udyog Vihar, ends and it emerges nearly 150 metres before the entrance to Leela Hotel on the other side of Ambience Mall.

“Proposal of an underground U-turn crossover facility for residents living in areas west of the expressway to reach Ambience Mall, Leela Hotel, DLF and other areas near 24 KM (previously known as Sirhaul Toll) was part of the original plan of the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway. A series of meetings took place in this regard between the NHAI and the officials of the Haryana government since 2008 when the expressway came in operation. We hope this becomes a reality soon as it is tough to cross the highway from west to east,” said Mahesh Mahela, a commuter.